New year 2020 together with the “Belgorod” Hotel complex

New year is a time of gifts, magic and miracles. This holiday is loved by everyone — both adults and children. If you want to be in the center of events and feel the atmosphere of celebration and fun, then visit the main Christmas tree of the city on Cathedral square.and the Belgorod Hotel Complex will help you to be in the immediate vicinity of the holiday.

since the beginning of December, the streets of the city have already begun to decorate-illumination, thematic photo zones, light figures and much more. The main Christmas tree on Cathedral square will light its lights on December 28. at the same time, festive events will be held on the main square of the city: a theatrical and humorous ceremony “Gray beard” with Santa Claus from different eras; hotel guests will be able to visit the skating rink for free; a new year’s fair, daily performances and performances, and a disco with cover bands will unfold around the square. on December 31, the Cathedral square will host new year celebrations and the new year 2020 meeting. January 1, from 00:00 to 04:00 – disco “Dancing city”, and at 12: 00 will be held “race of desires” – a symbolic 2020 meters, which offer to run together with the head of the city Department for physical culture and sports, Russian swimming champion Mikhail Noskov. January 3-dance program “In the rhythm of my city”, various competitions and master classes. January 7-procession from the Transfiguration Church to the Cathedral square, where the concert will begin after the service. on January 11 and 12, Belgorod Residents and visitors will be treated to 10 thousand portions at the vareniki Festival. And at the end of each festival day, a performance by the cover band “Nestroynye” and a concert by the group “ladybug”. the Belgorod Hotel complex invites guests to share the new year mood of the city with us and gives all guests a 30% discount on accommodation from December 31 to January 8. Also, when visiting the skating rink on Cathedral square, you can use the skate rental service for free. Spend these new year holidays in the rhythm of joy and fun together with the Belgorod Hotel Complex. We are waiting for You at 1 Sobornaya square.

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